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This is an image of the Skyline product showing an analysis of a city. The image shows a map where buildings are colored according to the analysis results. On the top right of the map, four analysis cards represent four different types of amenities reachable in 750m (Nurseries, Doctors, Restaurants, and Playgrounds).

The data visualisation platform for holistic place analysis

Optimise the way you plan and design with Skyline. Tailored for built environment professionals, our platform speeds up scenario testing and showcases data in dynamic maps. Experience quicker decision-making, effective collaboration, and the power to realise ambitious projects with clarity and confidence.

Research the ‘what if’, then show the 'why’.

What would you do if you could enhance your design proposals and projects with rapid scenario testing, beautiful visualisations, and easy sharing of outcomes?  With its intuitive interface and advanced scenario modelling, Skyline lets you do just that, without the need for extensive data analytics expertise.
An image of the Skyline product with two tabs, each displaying a city map. In the middle, there is a panel showing two histogram charts that display the analysis results for each tab. The maps are color-coded based on the analysis results.Image of the Skyline product where there are two tabs, each showing a map of the city. A panel in the middle shows two histogram chards where the results of the analysis are displayed for each tab. The maps are colored according to the results of the analysis as well.


Skyline is a geospatial data visualisation platform that lets you:


Visualise spatial analysis

Effectively communicate complex spatial information to  stakeholders through beautiful and interactive maps. This allows for seamless collaboration and sharing of results, ultimately leading to better decision-making and outcomes.


Explore place interventions

Experiment with various spatial scenarios and evaluate their consequences, utilising advanced geospatial data analysis. Make informed decisions and optimise your projects accordingly.


Integrate and combine different datasets

Skyline is data agnostic. It allows you to combine multiple datasets under a single holistic platform.

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