Our mission is to improve the quality of life of those living in cities, while recognising that technology is a small part of any improvement.


We are responsible citizens first. We’re a steward-owned company, legally bound to both our mission and employee control in perpetuity. We use our structure to make commitments to openness, transparency, privacy preservation and long-term approaches. We evolve with our work and clients. You can read about how and why we started Diagonal.

We don’t collect proprietary data. We base our work on integrated open data sources, making our results repeatable, reproducible and replicable by anyone.

Our team

Photo of Andrew Eland

Andrew Eland

Software Engineer

Andrew has built software products for around 20 years, leading the global engineering organisations behind Google Maps Mobile, Google’s philanthropic efforts, and DeepMind’s work in healthcare. Andrew’s main interest is building software tools to help people understand, and responsibly change, complex systems. He lives in London, in a house built in 1865 retrofitted to Passivhaus standard. He sits on the board of Genomics England.

Photo of Claire Fram

Claire Fram

Product Manager

Claire specialises in delivering tools for city planning. She’s been the product lead for Arup’s agent based modelling toolkit - building a suite of data processing tools to model transport networks, infrastructure, and simulate millions of individuals' unique days. Claire is interested in open data and inclusive technologies for urban design.

Photo of Gala Camacho

Gala Camacho

Data Scientist

Gala is a mathematician and programmer, with a background in education, optimisation and all-things data. She has worked at big corporates and startups within the civil infrastructure and urban planning ecosystem, leading analytics projects strategically and technically. Gala is passionate about using analytics to explore and break down urban and social inequalities. She sits on the board of Women in STEMM Australia, and the steering committee of Women+ in Geospatial.

Photo of Simona Ciocoiu

Simona Ciocoiu


Simona is a designer with experience exploring digital solutions that can help domain experts think through complex problems in the built environment. Her recent work includes the design and user experience of the Greater London Authority’s Infrastructure mapping application and a flood model viewer for the New York Metropolitan Transport Authority.