Apply for DLUHC Digital Planning Programme 2023 Funding Rounds with Diagonal

Apply by 1 December 2023 with Diagonal to the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) Digital Planning and PropTech Innovation Funds. Funds of up to £85,000 are available for Local Planning Authorities and up to £225,000 for joint Local Authority projects.

Our consultancy service is specifically tailored for Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) who are looking to enhance their digital capabilities in spatial planning.

We specialise in streamlining data analysis for planning processes and collaborating with local authorities to democratise the adoption of digital capabilities. These are crucial elements for modernising and streamlining planning practices. We do this by focusing on three priority areas:

  • Making data usable
  • Making data and analysis easy to share and visualise
  • Supporting scenario planning

Our process

How we work together

The Fund allows LPAs to work with suppliers that can inform their tech capabilities and capacities. Diagonal can help with identifying training needs, delivering digital planning improvements, compliance with new legislations, and service improvements.

Our team will:

  • Provide the framework for measuring improvements in the planning process. This includes facilitating workshops with your planning team to detail metrics for programme evaluation.
  • Connect your planners with (open source) data, and conduct tutorials and workshops about how to access and interpret this data – including licensing terms, data precision, and data gaps.
  • Support LPAs navigating tooling to make use of the data, including performing basic analysis questions, sharing solutions, and system interoperability.

In addition to working with open source tools and data sets, we offer our clients early access to our planning tool, Skyline. Tested in urban and rural planning scenarios Skyline has been designed to address and simplify technical spatial analysis. This means planning teams can access and use valuable insights from the data they have available, without the need for specialised GIS expertise.

View from our tool, Skyline

Why work with Diagonal?

Diagonal is a steward-owned data visualisation consultancy. We specialise in the ethical use of data, making complex data accessible and actionable for LPAs.

Our planning tool Skyline can support LPAs in understanding sites within their context, taking environmental and built constraints into account, as well as key socio-environmental factors. For any given site, LPAs will be able to understand:

  • How it is served by key services and facilities
  • What gaps in provision are there surrounding the site
  • How it is connected to the wider area
  • Who may be impacted by any changes to the site

We prioritise the use of open data; this ensures our analysis is transparent and repeatable. The use of Skyline as part of a digital citizen engagement exercise can support the building of building trust between LPAs and stakeholders by providing a visually interactive and transparent approach to site assessment.

Apply today

Time is short – the latest round of funding opened this month, and the deadline is December 1, 2023. Our team is ready to hear about your needs and ambitions, to help you make the best use of this funding to upgrade and augment your digital capacity and capability. Read more about eligibility and funding scope here.

Start the conversation with us and find out more by setting up a call today, or send us an email at


October 2023