Join our online panel chat on 6 December 2023, 12pm

How should GIS boost your planning capabilities and enhance your projects? Join us for a panel discussion that will explore how more accessible geospatial analysis can change the way practitioners, stakeholders and communities engage with the planning system.

With the push for planning practice to become more digital, the focus on the value of geospatial data is greater, alongside a renewed celebration of GIS as a technical specialism. Technological advancements have led to GIS becoming more accessible, however there are still challenges that need to be overcome to maximise the potential offered by new and evolving geospatial tools.

The 45 min panel session will consider:

Understanding geospatial data

The capabilities of geospatial analysis in urban planning, spatial modelling, and predictive analysis.

Urban analytics

How can geospatial analysis change the way we look at urban planning. From studying population changes to predicting urban growth, geospatial analysis offers valuable insights.

Education’s role

What is the role of universities and planning schools in integrating the use of geospatial data and analysis into the curriculum.

Community engagement

How can interactive tools, including maps, help involve communities in planning.

Applications beyond mapping

In what different ways geospatial data and analysis are used in various sectors, from population health to environmental impact and other applications.

The diagonal team will lead this session, informed by insights from their experience working across built environment projects, and through moderated discussion bring in perspectives from academic and professional planning spheres.

View from our tool, Skyline

View from our tool, Skyline

The panel will include:


Assistant Professor of Urban Planning, Centre for Urban and Regional Studies School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences University of Birmingham

Gala Camacho

Data Scientist, Diagonal

Frances Summers

Part Time Lecturer of Urban Planning at University of Gloucestershire and Senior Planning Officer at Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council (BCP Council)

Lucy Styles

Planning Information and Delivery Team Leader Aberdeenshire Council

Sarah Dakham

Digital Business Partner Transformation, Innovation & Digital Dorset Council

Open to anyone with an interest in the conversation: here’s where to book. We have designed the session to foster discussion around the broader capabilities of GIS, auditable data analysis, interactive data visualisation – and crucially, show how these things can impact your work positively.

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November 2023