We build open source tools for the built environment.

We have a duty to allow communities impacted by our work, to understand and build on our work. We open source our tools to enable this - and to comply with our charter, which requires our work to be transparent.

Bedrock (b6)

We built b6 to explore geospatial data quickly and intuitively.
We released it as open source to allow others to reproduce and build on our analysis.

b6 reads a compact representation of the world into memory, and makes it available for analysis. With b6, we can explore large volumes of data across city-systems, interactively.

We enable analysis of a semantic model of the world.

Privacy Enhancing Technologies

We build privacy enhancing technologies (PETs) that enable the use of sensitive data for public benefit.

We believe that PETs can be used in conjuction with policies to share sensitive information across organisations, responsibly.

We make our tools open, demonstrating how sensitive data analysis is strengthened by third party review of bias and risk.

We build privacy enhancing technologies