Transforming spatial data into holistic visual narratives

If you didn’t have to spend so much time wrangling geospatial data, if you could create interactive visualisations quickly, if you could responsibly include sensitive data - what could you do?

Diagonal Consultancy Services

Places are complex:
our consultancy makes understanding them simpler.

We can take even the most complex ‘what ifs’ and turn them into interactive visualisations, helping you to inform and develop more holistic designs, and bring more transparency to stakeholder engagement.

Our expertise lies in collating, analysing, and visualising datasets to maximise the outcomes of your project, supporting more data-driven planning and advice.

→ Improve the quality of your design proposals

→ Visualise holistic profiles of places, rooted in trusted data

→ Work with consultants who have vast experience in spatial analysis

Reference Projects

Four-Step Success

1. You pose a question

E.g. What opportunities does my community have within 15 minutes, by walking or cycling?

2. We select the right data sets, and formulate the right queries, to answer your question

We use our knowledge of available data and deep understanding of analysis algorithms to suggest how you can answer, broaden or deepen the scope of your questions, in line with your project needs.

3. We visualise data in an interactive map, that you are free to explore

Unique to Diagonal is the inclusion of data exploration in our mapping tool Bedrock. This allows you to freely interact with the results.

4. We share our findings in a format that works best for you and your stakeholders

In addition to dynamic data visualisation in Bedrock, we can support your project with (white label) presentations, PDFs, or in any other format.

Diagonal Consultancy Services
"The ability to all the way through be able to have a conversation, to build up a rapport, to build up trust between us, has really been valuable."

James Proctor, Community Development Specialist
South of Scotland Enterprise